Allen & DJ

Thoughts on Why a Player Needs a Coach

Throughout Dustin Johnson’s rise from unheralded collegiate golfer to the No. 1 spot in the Official World Golf Rankings, one constant has been the presence of the man he refers to as “Coach.”

Coach is Allen Terrell, who recruited Johnson to Coastal Carolina, helped him earn his card at Q-School and his first victory on Tour in 2008, launching a career that now includes 15 PGA Tour wins, including the 2016 U.S. Open.

Terrell continues to work regularly with Johnson, and he applies the lessons he has learned alongside one of the game’s most gifted players to his students at the Dustin Johnson Golf School.

While Johnson possess natural gifts few players have ever enjoyed, Terrell understands there is more to golf instruction than native talent. Whether it’s DJ is getting ready for a major championship or a young amateur preparing for his or her first event, a successful coach must understand what motivates players.

“Terrell understands
there is more to golf instruction
than native talent”

Terrell and the Dustin Johnson Golf School are as invested in technology as anyone, but he also recognizes that a successful golf game isn’t built entirely on spin rate and launch monitors. “Dustin is unique, and he reminds you as coach that every student has specific strengths and weaknesses, and there are lot of ways to play the game well,” Terrell said.

“You have to find what motivates each student, evaluate their game, their strengths and what is holding them back. We do that every day at the golf school. We aren’t into swing theories and philosophies; we are into what helps people improve, and Dustin buys into that.”

DJ’s commitment to improvement is obvious, but complementing Johnson’s hard work has
been Terrell’s ability to help him understand where and how he can improve. Terrell’s keen insight has made the Dustin Johnson Golf School a destination for players – from South Carolina and beyond – that want to maximize their talent.

If they are in search of evidence to support the school and its lead instructor, they need to look no further than the first line of the Official World Golf Rankings.

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